Links to Other Data providors

Some examples of data sources for variables that are relevant to water management:

Variableeuro4mECMWF Forecastseu-watch.orgESPON DatabaseIMPACT2CSWITCH ON BYODGRDC (BfG)NOAACryolandMODIS (NASA)CHRSNASA Goddard InstituteMet Office (Hadley)ECDSGEOSS Portal
Land cover and useXXX
Soil propertiesXX
Ground waterXXX
soil moisture at 1 mXXX
nitrogen concentrationsXX
nitrogen loads
phosphorous concentrationsXX
phosphorous loads
frozen groundXXX
snow water equivalentXXXXXXX
area mapping
water levelX
digital elevation model
precipitation mean and monthly variance
consecutive dry days
intensity duration frequency
high resolution hourly precipitation
surface water temperatureXXXXX
air temperatureXXXX
glacier and snow meltX
snow meltXXXX
water budget (P-AET-runoff)X
water budget (P-PET)X
water runoffXXXX
river flowXX
flow duration curve
groundwater withdrawalX
river water withdrawalXX
flood recurrence