SectorDrinking waterEnvironmentEnvironmental Flows (quantity)Water quality for ecosystems
Possible climate change Impact on SectorChanges in water quantity and quality will effect drinking water supplychanges in low flow can affect environmental flow requirementshigher water temperatures and more pollution negatively affect ecosystems
Dry spell, longestx
Dry spell, no. ofx
Precipitation intensity duration
Precipitation intensity max
Freezing degree days
Flow duration curvexx
River flowxx
River flow unregulatedx
Snow water equivalent
Soil water content
Water runoff
Wetness 1
Wetness 2
Aridity 1
Aridity 2
Phosphorous conc. Solublexx
Phosphorous conc. Particulatexx
Phosphorous conc. Totalxx
Phosphorous loads Solublexx
Phosphorous loads Particulatexx
Phosphorous loads Totalxx
Nitrogen conc. Inorganicxx
Nitrogen conc. Organicxx
Nitrogen conc. Totalxx
Nitrogen loads, Inorganicxx
Nitrogen loads, Organicxx
Nitrogen loads, Totalxx
Water Temperaturexx
Cloud Cover
Relative humidity
GDP ECFIN scenarios
GDP SSP Scenarios
Land use