What are the major obstacles for increasing your business today?

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    Ingela Oleskog

    That we are not well known in Europe.


    Maria J. Polo

    Little flexibility to hire human resources at the moment.

    Needs for networking at a higher level in UE, but we are working through that!


    Guenter Humer

    my company grew from some people to up to ten, so my type of job is changing from doing project work on my own to doing more aquisition and coordination now.
    I must change my time priorities.


    Niclas Hjerdt

    Consultants (or purveyors) are often hired by tradition and/or reputation by clients, and it is difficult to enter a new market, especially in other countries, and establish a trusted trademark.


    stefano GECOs

    We are investing significantly in research and development of new products but we need resources, strategies and people for communication and marketing in order to find new potential costumer in Europe and sell our products. Project like SWICCA represents a good opportunity for new contacts and networking with research center and other companies.



    In general terms, research projects have a lack of visibility for European citizens.



    As a public institution, UPV can trigger the business, but cannot continue it since this is the task consultancies.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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