SectorWater for Tourism (swimming pools, hotels etc.)Tourist use of inland waters (lakes and rivers)NavigationDam managementflood managementinfrastructure
Possible climate change Impact on Sectorlow water availability during summer affects tourism which needs lots of water during the summersDeteriorating water quality affects the use of water bodies for Tourismlower low flows affect Navigationincreased extreme events risk dam failure and increased climate variability affects dam management in terms of limiting low dam level eventsincreased extreme events increase flood risksincreased extreme rainfall events and changing flood risks affect the design of infrastructure
Dry spell, longestx
Dry spell, no. ofx
Precipitation intensity durationxxx
Precipitation intensity maxxxx
Freezing degree days
Flow duration curvexxxxxx
River flowxxxxxx
River flow unregulatedx
Snow water equivalentx
Soil water contentx
Water runoffx
Wetness 1
Wetness 2
Aridity 1
Aridity 2
Phosphorous conc. Solublexx
Phosphorous conc. Particulatexx
Phosphorous conc. Totalxx
Phosphorous loads Solublexx
Phosphorous loads Particulatexx
Phosphorous loads Totalxx
Nitrogen conc. Inorganicxx
Nitrogen conc. Organicxx
Nitrogen conc. Totalxx
Nitrogen loads, Inorganicxx
Nitrogen loads, Organicxx
Nitrogen loads, Totalxx
Water Temperaturex
Cloud Cover
Relative humidity
GDP ECFIN scenariosx
GDP SSP Scenariosxxx
Land usexxxx