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Ingela Oleskog

Since June we have had several new versions of the SWICCA Demonstrator:

News since June:
• All the showcases are updated with recent progress! Have a look at the progress of your colleagues work and get inspired
• We have worked a lot with guidance and user uptake in local workflows. Please have a look under the following tabs, you will find a lot of new and useful information:
o FAQ – Info sheets on using the Demonstrator and understanding the data that can be downloaded.
o TUTORIALS – Videos on using the Demonstrator and associated tools.
o LINKS – Links to other data providers, European policies, European and National Climate and Water services.
• In the SWICCA Interface we have also worked with guidance. In the box “View data” under Maps, Graphs and download you will now find an info-button. As you click on the i-button you will get an explanation of all the different choices you have in the interface.
• The choice for downloading daily time-series (ECV) you will now find in the bottom of “View data”. We are aware of that the difference between downloading indicators and ECVs is not quite clear. We will improve this shortly!
• Bug fixing (change for temperature is given in absolute values, this is now correct in the legend)
• Minor changes in the interface trying to make it more user friendly.
• In the top left corner of the SWICCA website you will find a ribbon that clearly shows that this is a proof of concept (as required by the ECMWF). Still, the data provided in the interface are based on the best available knowledge on changes in the hydrological cycle for Europe. For further information have a look at

Right now we are working on a new version that will be released during next week:
• All the indicators and time series that we now have on 0,5 grid resolution will be given on Hype catchment resolution
• The mismatch in units between the metadata description and what is shown in the SWICCA Demonstrator for some of the indicators in the 0.5 degree resolution will be fixed (mm/s will be converted to mm/day and K to °C in the interface)
• The future change for snow water equivalent will be given in absolute values.

During autumn:
• Daily values for unregulated river flow
• Some of the indicators will be given for Lisflood resolution (aridity 1, flow duration curve, flood recurrence, precipitation, river flow)
• Key messages for all the indicators
• Pictures showing confidence (similar to ) for all the indicators
• All metadata descriptions will be updated