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Ingela Oleskog

We have a new version of the SWICCA Demonstrator:

News in this version:
•Pictures showing confidence for all indicators with 0.5 grid resolution in the Map view (except from Aridity 1 and 2, before we make these maps we need to calculate absolute change instead of relative change)
•Easier access to the metadata descriptions by adding an option to reach this from the “View data” menu
•Changes in the menu with the intention to make it more understandable how to download indicators and ECV
•In the downloaded file for timeseries (ECV´s), the first row now describes for which coordinates and subId the data is valid (at the moment only for resolution hype Catchment, in the future the coordinates will follow also for 0.5 resolution)
•Indicator type “Water“ is renamed to “Water quantity”. The indicator Water Temperature will now be found under the indicator type “Water quality”
•The button “Guidance” is renamed to “Getting started”. The reason for this is that we want to emphasize that it is a really good idea to have a look at the information behind this button to understand how to start using the SWICCA Demonstrator
•The ECV “Unregulated River flow” is temporarily taken away from the SWICCA Demonstrator since we discovered a false in the calculations.

Right now we are working on:
•Confidence in pictures and RoC Index for Hype Catchments
•Updating all metadata descriptions
•The naming of Aridity 1 and 2 will be changed to Wetness 1 and 2

During autumn:
•Confidence in pictures and RoC Index for all resolutions
•As you download data you will also get a link to the metadata description of selected indicator
•Some of the indicators will be given for Lisflood resolution (Wetness 1, Wetness 2, flow duration curve, flood recurrence, precipitation, river flow)
•Upload GDP scenarios
•Aridity 1 and 2 (that soon will be renamed to Wetness 1 and 2) will be presented in absolute change instead of relative change