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Maria J. Polo

In our case, most of our clients were used to the use of probabilistic forecasts and thus the concept of uncertainty was not an issue itself. However, the difference between scenarios and forecasts was not that straightforward to them. The visual capabilities of the SWICCA platform were really helpful to provide them with clear examples to base our explanations upon.

The direct meetings, during which we used the platforme together with the clients, proved to be the most efficient way to move towards confidence on the information. Their initial experience with the platform led to assuming the scenarios as forecasts, and they asked us about the probability of each one of them. Once we went through the SWICCA services with them, it was easy and clear how to deal with the information. This leads me to wonder about the potential new users and their initial expertise in this framework; we know that many people ignore the tutorials and “Readme instructions” and directly step into the stuff, especially if maps and graphs are readily available at one click. Maybe some automatic comments in balloon formats could pop out when clicking on a mapo r downloading data with key messages addressing this. I’m just thinking aloud…