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Dear Fulco,
many thanks for your reply. I found it really useful and encouraging.
For a long time I have been hesitating whether we I have the right to completely neglect the results of the hydrological model VIC or, in spite of all concerns, I have to include them into the final summary, causing then considerable bias in the final summary and messages for the policy makers… Your reply assured me that the first choice is the better one. The final conclusions of the our case study were, therefore, based on the results of the Lisflood and E-HYPE models, while it was stressed that the results of the VIC model were ignored for two fundamental reasons: i) the client’s trust in the other two hydrological models, and ii) the trends indicated by the VIC model contradict the findings from multiple assessments of future trends in extreme river discharges in Central Europe (specifically in the Upper Danube Basin).

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