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Ingela Oleskog

We have a new version of the SWICCA Demonstrator! News in this version is that you can download time series for daily temperature, precipitation and river flow on 0.5 grid resolution.
For these variables there are a very big amount of data. To still get a sufficient performance we have chosen not to present a graph for the time series.
To find the time series you go to “ Graphs and download” and you will find “Precipitation (daily), Temperature (daily) and River flow (daily). As you have selected one of these time series you just press the download button. It is only possible to get the time series for one point at a time.

In the downloaded file for precipitation the name of the tab is a bit misleading, it says “VIC421” although the daily precipitation and temperature are output from the climate models (though bias-corrected) and not an interpretation of the climate model output by hydrological models. We will make this clearer in coming versions of the SWICCA Demonstrator. This will also soon be explained in the metadata description.