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Ingela Oleskog

We have a new version of the SWICCA Demonstrator! News in this version:

•You can download the last future period (2071-2100). The reason why the last future period took so long is because for some indicators there are some missing data files in the end of the 21st century. we needed to decide how to handle the missing files and implement these exceptions in the interface. Before we did this, we prioritized to upload all the indicators and time series from the IMPACT2C archive.
•For Visualisation you can now select a certain RCP and resolution. Right now the indicators River flow and Water Temperature are the only indicators that can be visualised and downloaded for more than one resolution (0.5 degree and EHYPE catchments).

In next version of the SWICCA Demonstrator you will find three new indicators in 0.1 degree resolution for downloading: Cloud cover, relative humidity and temperature.
I´ll let you know when it is up and running!