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Ingela Oleskog

We have a new version of the SWICCA Demonstrator!
News in this version:
•Water quality indicators in HYPE catchment resolution
•An update of the indicators Water temperature and River flow in HYPE catchment resolution. These indicators are calculated with the same HYPE version as the water quality indicators (EHYPE3.12) and there are some differences in the result between these and the ones that were derived from EHYPE3.11. The data providers that best can explain the differences are out of office today, but I will ask them to explain the differences in a separate-mail and on the SWICCA Forum next week.
•Changes in the naming of tabs and buttons with intension to make the SWICCA website more user friendly.
•An option for selecting a certain RCP also for graphs (former this function was only implemented for the map visualisation). When downloading data you still get data for all the RCP´s
•Correction of smaller problems (missing units in downloaded files, problems with the graph for Snow water equivalent, more distinct 0-line in the graph, etc.)

Known problems that will be fixed in the autumn:
•In the map visualisation for the indicators Water temperature and Temperature the legend is misleading. It says relative change in % which is wrong. Change for temperature is given in absolute values.
•A mismatch in units between the metadata description and what is shown in the SWICCA Demonstrator for some of the indicators (mm/s will be converted to mm/day and K to °C). Unfortunately the metadata descriptions became updated before the conversion of the data.

We did not succeed in uploading all the indicators and time series that we now have on 0,5 grid resolution on Hype catchment resolution before summer. New time table for this is second half of August.
Regarding Lisflood data on 5 km resolution this is also delayed. After the summer I will let you know when to expect these data.