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Ingela Oleskog

We have a new version of the SWICCA Demonstrator:

News in this version:
•Hype catchment resolution: All the indicators and time series that we already have on 0.5 grid resolution are now available for Hype catchment resolution
•Daily values (ECV) for unregulated river flow for Hype catchment resolution
•The mismatch in units between the metadata description and what is shown in the SWICCA Demonstrator for some of the indicators in the 0.5 degree resolution are now fixed (mm/s are converted to mm/day and K to °C in the interface)
•The future change for snow water equivalent is given in absolute values.
•Key messages for future change for all the indicators shown in the map view. As you have selected an indicator under maps, a small light bulb will be shown to the right of the indicator name. Press this light bulb and you will get a key message!
•The choice for downloading daily time-series (ECV) you will now find in the bottom of “View data”. The difference between downloading indicators and ECVs is not quite obvious. We have added some tool tips and some more information in the i-button that better explains how to download data.
•Aridty 3 has been taken away from the Demonstrator since this indicator made no sense

Right now we are working on:
•Pictures showing confidence (similar to ) for all indicators in 0.5 grid resolution
•Confidence in graphs: We will indicate if more than 75 % of the climate projections show the same trend (= robust signal) in graphs for all indicators in 0.5 grid resolution
•Updating all metadata descriptions

During autumn:
•Confidence in graphs and pictures for all resolutions
•As you download data you will also get a link to the metadata description of selected indicator
•Some of the indicators will be given for Lisflood resolution (aridity 1, aridity 2, flow duration curve, flood recurrence, precipitation, river flow)
•Upload GDP scenarios