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Ingela Oleskog

We have a new version of the SWICCA Demonstrator:

News in this version:
•Robustness of Change Index for 0.5 resolution. The look of the graphs have changed. We have added a ”Robustness of Change index” (RoC). RoC index points out cases in which >=75% of the ensemble members agree on the sign of change with respect to the reference period. In general, the more models agree on the sign, the more robust the sign of change is within the given ensemble. A robust change is meant to remain largely unaffected even if a few additional members point in the opposite direction. It is critical to note that the RoC Index always depends on the chosen ensemble and represents the best estimate given the ensemble.
Note 1. Just above the graph you will find a small question mark. As you press the question mark you will get an explanation on how to interpret the graph and the RoC Index.
Note 2. This is a first version of explanation of the graphs. At the moment the explanation is the same for all kinds of graphs. It fits with the indicators that present seasonality on the x-axis.
Note 3. Since the RoC Index builds on the monthly indicator we have decided to change the style of the seasonality curve from smooth to monthly steps.

Right now we are working with:
•Pictures showing confidence (similar to ) for all indicators in 0.5 grid resolution
•Updating all metadata descriptions
•The naming of Aridity 1 and 2 will be changed to Wetness 1 and 2

During autumn:
•Confidence in pictures and RoC Index for all resolutions
•Easier access to the metadata descriptions by adding an option to reach the Metadata descriptions from the “View data” menu
•Changes in the menu to make it more understandable how to download indicators and ECV
•As you download data you will also get a link to the metadata description of selected indicator
•Some of the indicators will be given for Lisflood resolution (Wetness 1, Wetness 2, flow duration curve, flood recurrence, precipitation, river flow)
•Upload GDP scenarios
•As we get feedback from the users this will of course also be considered