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Ingela Oleskog

We have a new version of the SWICCA Demonstrator:

News in this version:
•Wetness 1 and 2 will be presented in absolute change instead of relative change. Note! If the wetness indicators are not shown in absolute values on the SWICCA Demonstrator (i.e. if it still says % of change in the legend in the map-view), try to clear your browser cache. If that doesn´t help, please let me know!
•Possibility to save and print out the map view from your browser
•Some smaller changes in how we present socioeconomic indicators and guidance on how to interpret the GDP graph
•Corrected values for Unregulated River flow

Right now we are working on:
•Some of the indicators will be given for Lisflood resolution (Wetness 1, Wetness 2, flow duration curve, flood recurrence, precipitation, river flow)
•Updating metadata descriptions for socioeconomic indicators
•Pop up windows for “How to read the graph” for all different types of graphs
•Two new indicators are being calculated: Aridity 1 (Epot/P) and Aridty 2 (Eact/P)

During autumn:
•As you download data you will also get a link to the metadata description of selected indicator
•Better naming of the downloaded files
•Confidence in pictures for Hype Catchments