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Updates of the SWICCA Demonstrator (2017-01-25):

News in this version:
• Functionality to change the height of the graph
• A line with gray stripes shows where there is no robustness of change (RoC) in the graph. RoC is illustrated with a solid green line.
• Some bug fixes (e.g. graticule for Lisflood 5 km was wrong with a half cell)
• New socio-economic indicator tutorials (Land Use and GDP):

Tasks that will be released during the spring of 2017:
• Updating metadata descriptions for socioeconomic indicators
• Updating Pop up windows for “How to read the graph” for all different types of graphs
• Confidence in pictures for indicators with resolution Hype Catchment and Lisflood
• Robustness of change for Indicators in Lisflood resolution (when possible, not all indicators have enough members to calculate RoC)
• Possibility to download indicators by typing in coordinates
• Daily values for River flow and Precipitation in Lisflood resolution
• Initial version of seasonal forecasts